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9145 Narcoossee Rd, Ste 207,
Orlando, FL 32827
La Vina at Lake Nona

Trust. Reliability. Service!

established 2006

This Is the Foundation of Our Business at Gold Star Title & Escrow

If you’re like most people, there’s a pretty good chance you know very little about the title and escrow process, which is an important part of every real estate sale. If you’ve ever bought a house, you probably spent more time talking to your Realtor or your mortgage broker than your title agent.

What you are probably most familiar with when people talk about “insurance” as it applies to your home, is your hazard or homeowner’s insurance policy. Hazard or homeowner’s insurance is casualty based insurance. That is to say, it protects you from a FUTURE event or casualty to the home such as hail damage in a storm. It protects you from things that cannot be predicted.

Title insurance is an insurance policy as well but it is indemnity based insurance. Indemnity based insurance is protection from PAST events which are revealed in the historical record of the property.

Another big difference between hazard insurance and title insurance is how you pay for it. Hazard insurance is for the life of your loan and must be renewed every year until your loan is paid off. Title insurance is a onetime fee paid at closing and protects you as the owner for the life of your ownership.

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Co-founders Jennifer Correa & Maria Caban
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What’s an example of a past event that would be covered?

Well, let’s say you’ve owned a house for five years and you’re ready to sell. Unfortunately, the person you bought the house from five years ago had sold it to you with a lien on the house. They had put a new roof on the house and it took a while to pay it off so the roofing company issued a lien. And even though the owners had paid off the debt years before they sold the house to you, they never officially removed the lien and it wasn’t caught when you bought the house.

Now, a new title company finds the lien and, by law, it has to be removed before the sale can go forward. Sounds simple, right? But what if the roofer has gone out of business or is under new ownership? What if no one can find a record of the previous owner paying off the balance on the roof? Eventually, it can be resolved, but it takes a lot more time and your seller may get impatient and back out, leaving you continuing to pay the mortgage. These are the kinds of problems that can be prevented when the title process is handled professionally and thoroughly.

The largest financial transaction of your life

If you’re like most Americans, the largest transaction you’ll be involved with throughout your entire life, in terms of dollar amount, will involve real estate. Maybe it’s a house you’ll live in, potentially for many years, and possibly raise your family in. Or, you may be selling a home because your family has grown too big for your current house, or you can afford a nicer home in a better neighborhood. If you’re an investor, you may want to purchase a home you can renovate and flip for a profit, or have it generate passive rental income. You might also be interested in undeveloped land or commercial properties you can invest in to diversify your retirement portfolio. These can be complicated transactions with a lot of moving parts where hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars are involved.

Part of Your Community since 2006

Treating Your Home as our own

Trust, Reliability & Service!

Trusted by Realtors and mortgage lenders throughout Central Florida

At Gold Star Title & Escrow, we work hard to be the title company of choice for all our industry partners, including real estate agents, developers, builders, and mortgage lenders.

We understand that the quality of our work is a reflection on our industry partners

In the eyes of their clients and customers. So, when you refer business to us for title and escrow services, we make sure you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your clients’ needs are being addressed professionally and with attention to detail.

An important part of what we do every day, with every transaction, is help the buyers and sellers understand the process as it happens. By doing this, we are able to instill a higher sense of confidence about how their sale or purchase is proceeding. For buyers and sellers, this is a complex process that can easily cause anxiety because they often don’t understand what’s going on. Our goal is to minimize that stress with every closing.

Who we are

Located in Lake Nona, Gold Star Title & Escrow was founded in 2006 and is a full-service firm that works throughout the Orlando area, as well as across the State of Florida. We serve many Central Florida communities, including Lake Nona Waterford Lakes, Avalon Park, Oviedo, Winter Park, Windermere, Altamonte Springs, and Maitland.

A veteran- and minority-owned company, our business focuses on a wide range of services. In fact, we have more than 36 years of combined experience in both residential and commercial real estate transactions, as well as undeveloped land. We also have expertise in working with new home builders, developers, and mortgage lending firms.

Hablamos Español

Empleamos agentes en el personal que hablan español con fluidez. Siempre nos complace brindar un servicio excelente a nuestros clientes que hablan español.
We employ agents on staff who speak Spanish fluently. We are always happy to provide excellent service to our Spanish speaking clients.

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9145 Narcoossee Rd, Ste 207,
Orlando, FL 32827
La Vina at Lake Nona

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